The Glass Castle

What were some of the tactics that RoseMarie would use concerning her paycheck? What did Rex do then? Do you agree with RoseMarie’s actions?

asking about rosemarie and her saving

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I'm not sure where you are in the novel. Rosemary Walls did some pretty crazy and even selfish things with her money. She bought candy bars and hid them from her children.... all while the kids were starving for REAL food. Other times, she'd take her paycheck, buy groceries, and then get out as fast as she could to put money down on extravagant items they had no use for. Lastly, Rosemary hid money from Rex to keep him from using it for alcohol..... this doesn't go over very well. Do I agree with her actions..... yes, as far as the hiding goes. No, in terms of the children. Children should always come first...... PERIOD.