The Glass Castle

The concept of home is addressed and becomes a point of conflict. Analyze how Jeanettes experience with "home" is both isolating and enriching. How does this experience illuminate the meaning of the book as a whole?

This is for an AP essay for school.

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Jeanettes experience with home is isolating because they never really had a home and they didn't really get to go to school because they would be constantly be moving from place to place. Jeanette and her sister Lori were the only two that never really made friends because they were different from the other students; they were smarter than anyother student in their grade the other students.didn't really like that.Their home was also enriching because they had a family that cared about them. They also had a lot of family time that the other kids didnt have with their parents they were lucky to have that as one of the things that they were blessed with. Although Jeanettes parents were crazy and the kids didn't like how they lived they all still loved them, that's the most enriching thing that i saw in the book.