The Glass Castle

how much do her parents' opinions matter to jeanette?

from the glass castle

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Jeannette finds both of her parents embarrassing and worries about them. She feels guilty that they are both street people who must scrounge for food.

At lunch, her mother is cheerful until Jeannette explains the shame and worry she feels for both of her parents and offers to help them. Jeannette's mother responds by saying that Jeannette's values are confused and that she is the one who needs help.


At first Jennette's parents oppinions did matter to her because she was young and didnt really understand what was going on and why they had to move so much. After she started to get older she found that she didnt really care what her parents had to say she wanted to have money to buy food and have a heated home. Her parent thought differantly they didnt care if they had food or not they were always making evrything seem like a bucket full of sunshine when it really wasnt. When Jennette brought up welfare to her mom, her mother would alway say that there were people out there that needed it a lot more than they did.