The Glass Castle

How does Jeanette's life change after she leaves welch for new york city?


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Everything changes for Jeanette when she moves to New York City. For the first time in her life, she finds a sense of stability and is really able to find herself. Jeanette moves in with her sisters in Evangeline, a woman's hostel in Greenwich Village, and Jeannette gets a job working in a fast food restaurant. That summer, they move into an apartment in the South Bronx with a large Puerto Rican population. Jeannette enrolls in a public school where the students do internships instead of attending class and she begins interning at The Phoenix, a newspaper owned, edited, and published by a man named Mike Armstrong. She quits her job at the fast food restaurant when Mr. Armstrong offers her a full-time job working at The Phoenix. News comes from Brian that conditions are deteriorating in Welch, and Lori and Jeannette decide to move him up to New York as well. Soon after, Lori also petitions for Maureen to join them so that she can be better cared for. Jeannette applies and is accepted to Barnard College and the siblings begin to live a stable life as a family. Remembering their past in Welch brings them all to fits of hysteric laughter.