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The Giver Quizzes

by Lois Lowry

The Giver Quiz 1

1. When does I[The Giver] begin?

  • In the new year
  • At the Ceremony
  • Nearly December
  • In midsummer

2. How does Jonas really feel at the beginning of the novel?

  • Confident
  • Apprehensive
  • Fearful
  • Annoyed

3. When had Jonas last felt fear?

  • At the Ceremony of Eleven
  • When a jet had flown over the community
  • When Caleb fell into the river
  • Never

4. What two words does Asher confuse in Jonas's first recollection of him?

  • Illiterate and obliterate
  • Distraught and distracted
  • Intimate and imitate
  • Reprehend and comprehend

5. What does Lily discuss at the daily telling of feelings?

  • A newchild who is not doing well
  • A boy who keeps falling off his bicycle
  • An upsetting dream she had today
  • A visiting Seven who does not obey the rules

6. How does one obtain a child for one's family unit?

  • Through an appeal to the Elders
  • By assignment
  • By approval of one's application
  • Through natural means

7. How does Father break the rules with regard to newchild Thirty-six?

  • He looks up the child's name on the Naming list.
  • He takes the child home with him.
  • He refuses to release the child.
  • He gives the child extra care.

8. How does Father help console Jonas about the Ceremony of Twelve?

  • He reminds Jonas that there is an appeal process.
  • He recounts his own Ceremony of Twelve.
  • He points out that Jonas already knows what his Assignment probably will be.
  • He tells Jonas that all will be for the best, no matter what.

9. Why has the rule about bicycles not been changed?

  • People enjoy breaking this particular rule.
  • The community does not want to endanger young children.
  • Putting it through committee would take too long.
  • No one rides bicycles anymore.

10. What is Jonas's father's job?

  • Caretaker
  • Speaker
  • Justice
  • Nurturer

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