The Giver

what rule did the father break in the book the giver?

the father was talking about december

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The family is talking about the December ceremonies when kids who are twelve attend. Apparently, among other things, they get to ride a bike. His father mentioned when he was twelve he broke the rule with his sister because he taught her how to ride a bike and she was eleven.

The Father went to see the naming list, to look up the name of Thirty-six. It is shown that Father had broken a rule as it was explained that "the fact that (Jonas') father had broken a rule at all awed him".

Jonas's father taught his little sister how to ride a bike before she was nine; or before she attended the Ceremony of Nines. He also went to look at the naming list for the Ceremony of Ones. He wanted to know who was number thirty-six.


I read THE GIVER by Lois Lowry.