The Giver

What happens at each age of childhood?


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Ceremony of the Ones- Each Newchild is given a name and placed in a family unit.

Ceremony of Eight- Each child receives jackets with buttons.

Ceremony of Nine- Children receive bicycles.

Ceremony of Ten- Haircuts..... girls lose their braids, boys have their haircut above the ears.

Ceremony of Eleven- New Clothes, the girls get undergarments; the boys get longer pants with deep pockets.

Ceremony of Twelve- Lifetime work assignments


The Giver

Ceremony of the Ones: Each new child was given a name and handed by the Nurturers to its new family unit.

Ceremony of the Threes: They need to start learning how speak with precision of language.girls get hair ribbons, start dream telling.

Ceremony of the Forths: All wore jackets with its row of large buttons that fastened down the back so that they would have to help each other dress and would learn interdependence.

Ceremony of the sevenths: They start volunteer hours, comfort object taken away, jacket with pockets and smaller buttons

Ceremony of the eights: The receive a jacket that has small buttons and small pockets for small belongings.

Ceremony of the nines: The bicycle at nine, would be the powerful emblem of moving from the protective family unit.

Ceremony of the tenths: Females lost their braids and males too let go their long childish hair and cut their hair above their ears.

Ceremony of the elevens:Start wearing adult clothes because the men and women's body start changing. Volunteer hours over.

Ceremony of the twelves:Receive life assignments for ever.