The Giver

what does the nondescript shade of the tunics and the apple tell you about the people and the society in the book?

chapter 03

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The apple's changing was a strange event, suggesting that Jonas is somehow special and different from Asher, who continues to be Jonas's foil and who in this case represents the viewpoint of the rest of the community, who see nothing unusual about the apple. Significantly, however, the narration describes the apple as typically of the same nondescript shade as Jonas's clothing, which strikes a discordant note. Whether red or green, apples are never of a nondescript shade, and in this sentence, we get our first hint that color is somehow important to the plot. Stealing the apple is obviously an allusion to Genesis, where the forbidden fruit represents forbidden knowledge of good and evil and the promise of death to whoever takes and eats of the fruit--foreshadowing Jonas's fate.