The Giver

How did Jonas's relationship with his parents and friends change after he received his Life Assigment?

its from the book the giver by lois lowry and its from chapters 12-13

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Jonas instantly becomes emotionally and intellectually separated from his family and friends. Being involved with the Giver unlocked a world of pain, pleasure and grief that was all new to him. This made Jonas much more insightful than the rest of the town. It's almost like Jonas could see in colour where before he saw in black and white. After Jonas experienced the spectrum of human emotion, he began to have little in common with the one dimensional world of the people he used to know.

When Jonas received his Life Assignment he became more apart from his family and friends. When Asher and the other kids was playing war, Jonas didn't want to play because he knew that its not a fun game to play when he knew its about people getting killed. Asher and the other people got mad and told Jonas he ruined the game. That was when Jonas's friends slipped away from him, because Jonas views the world differently now that he knows what really is going on. His family don't understand him and they don't know what the word "love" means, which made Jonas lie to his parents about everything.


The book.

The relationship between Jonas and his family and friends have changed because of his Life Assignment because he is getting all these feeling that no one else knows about all these feelings that only him and the Giver know about. Jonas asked his parents if they loved him and they said they don't love him. This really made Jonas upset even though they like him very much.


The book

He had memories of what it was like before all the rules, and he didn't look at anything the same way as everyone else anymore.