The Girls Glossary

The Girls Glossary


A tight-knot, relativey cloistered association of like-minded individuals practicing religious beliefs or principles of behavior deemed by outsiders as potentially dangerous to members or others.


Hardening, strengthening or reinforcing.


Something or someone deemed safe and harmess due to an overriding characteristic of being ordinary and commonplace.


Nervous and anxious to the point of becoming physically jittery.


Photographs that are immediately deveoped and printed inside the camera after the image has been captured before being ejected for instant viewing.


Cliches and trite expressions.


A person seeking redemption and atonement for previous sins.


Characterizing a sub-culture that reached its height of penetration in the late 1960s and relates to hallucinogenics drugs and its impact on music, literature, film and other aspects of pop culture.


A zealous and fanatical follower.


The two days of each years when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky, thus making those days the ones with the shortest and longest amount of daylight of the year.


An impulsive urge often too irresistable to reject, control or deny.


The range of the human voice's capacity to reveal emotion through the pitch of a word rather than the meaning of the word itself.


A social status and lifestyle elevated from ordinary experience with the implicit promise of being more exciting and fulfilling.


A form of deceit intent on softening the harshness of a lie by the adoption of a pretense that something is not really everything that it clearly appears to be.


A wobbling or vibrating resulting from an unsteady or unstable situation.


Deliberatey obscure and unclear, usually with an undertone of the mysterious.


Well-mannered, polite, discreet, polished and conservative, but with an underlying potential for snobbery and condescension.


The strange sensation of having some sort of obscure awareness that something bad is soon going to happen.

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