The Girl Who Played With Fire


Main characters

  • Mikael Blomkvist – A journalist and publisher at Millennium magazine
  • Lisbeth Salander – A private investigator, hacker, and accused triple-murderer
  • Alexander Zalachenko (Zala) a.k.a. Karl Axel Bodin – A former Soviet spy who turns out to be deeply involved in Salander's dark past
  • Ronald Niedermann a.k.a. The Giant – Zalachenko's henchman who is connected to Salander in a way which she does not realise
  • Carl-Magnus Lundin – The President of Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club (Svavelsjö MC) who sells drugs and is commissioned to kidnap Salander for Zala

Related to Millennium magazine

  • Erika Berger – Editor in chief of Millennium magazine and Blomkvist's on–off lover
  • Harriet Vanger – Majority investor
  • Malin Eriksson – Managing editor of Millennium magazine
  • Christer Malm – Art director and designer of Millennium magazine
  • Dag Svensson – A journalist who is writing an exposé on the Swedish sex trade
  • Mia Johansson – Dag's girlfriend and doctoral student
  • Henry Cortez – Part-time journalist at Millennium magazine
  • Lotta Karim – Part-time journalist at Millennium magazine
  • Monika Nillson – Journalist at Millennium magazine

Related to Milton Security

  • Dragan Armansky – Salander's former boss and director of Milton Security
  • Sonny Bohman – A former policeman and part of the team Armansky assigns to support the police investigation
  • Johan Fräklund – Chief of Operations at Milton Security and assigned to support police investigation
  • Niklas Hedström – Works for Milton Security and is assigned to support police investigation but sabotages it. A heart problem kept him from becoming a police man. He hates Salander since she caught him blackmailing a client

Related to police investigation

  • Jan Bublanski – A police officer who is in charge of Salander's case, nicknamed Officer Bubble
  • Sonja Modig – A detective in Bublanski's team
  • Richard Ekström – A prosecutor of Salander's case
  • Hans Faste – Working in Bublanski's team, causing trouble with his sexually discriminating attitude
  • Curt Andersson – Police officer in Bublanski's team
  • Jerker Holmberg – Police officer in Bublanski's team

Other characters

  • Annika Gianinni – Blomkvist's sister and an attorney
  • Miriam "Mimmi" Wu – A kickboxer, university student and Salander's sometime lover
  • Nils Bjurman – An attorney and Salander's current guardian since Palmgren's stroke
  • Paolo Roberto – A former professional boxer and Salander's boxing instructor. The character is based on the real boxer Paolo Roberto.
  • Gunnar Björk – A Swedish Security Police officer and former punter abusing women. He is also the lead source for Blomkvist on Zalachenko.
  • Holger Palmgren – Lisbeth Salander's former guardian; she visits him in a rehabilitation home and they play a game of chess together. In her memoir "There Are Things I Want You to Know" About Stieg Larsson and Me, Eva Gabrielsson tells readers that this chess game was inspired by her brother Björn who Stieg Larsson used to play the game with and with whom he was very close.[2]
  • Greger Beckman – Erika Berger's husband
  • George Bland – Teenage boy whom Salander has an affair with in Grenada
  • Richard Forbes – Reverend and Salander's hotel room neighbour in Grenada
  • Geraldine Forbes – Battered wife of Richard Forbes
  • Sonny Nieminen – Part of Svavelsjö MC and involved in trying to kidnap Salander

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