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The Epic of Gilgamesh Quiz 1

1. What kind of king is Gilgamesh? How is he first described to us?

  • A tyrant who oppresses his people
  • A holy man who consults the gods
  • A wise sage who rules with fairness
  • A fierce warrior who protects his city

2. Why did the gods create Enkidu?

  • To defeat and overthrow Gilgamesh
  • To stop Gilgamesh from finding a bride
  • To be a counterforce to Gilgamesh
  • To prevent Gilgamesh from destroying them

3. What did the trapper do after first seeing Enkidu?

  • Started a fire to drive the creature away
  • Warned the people in the village of a monster
  • Set larger traps to catch this beast
  • Told his father he had seen a giant man

4. How did the animals react to Enkidu after he was visited by Shamhat, the temple prostitute?

  • Attacked him and drove him into the woods
  • Appointed him as their protector from hunters
  • Rejected him and no longer regarded him as kin
  • Asked him to lead them to find food and water

5. What objects are featured in Gilgamesh's dreams prior to meeting Enkidu?

  • A meteor and an axe
  • A bull and a cart
  • A sword and a shield
  • A mountain and a lion

6. What was Gilgamesh doing that angered Enkidu to challenge him to a fight?

  • Collecting heavy taxes from farmers
  • Enslaving peasants for his own amusement
  • Sleeping with newly married brides
  • Putting the elderly of the city to death

7. What did Enkidu do after losing a fight with Gilgamesh?

  • Agreed to become his personal servant
  • Acknowledged his greater strength
  • Returned in shame to the wilderness
  • Begged him to spare his life

8. What did Gilgamesh propose that he and Enkidu do to gain fame and recognition?

  • Journey to the Cedar Forest to defeat Humbaba
  • Cross the Euphrates to conquer Shurrupak
  • Liberate Mesopotamia from the rule of Ea
  • Climb the mountains of Mashu to find Shamhat

9. What did Ninsun do before Gilgamesh and Enkidu left on their quest?

  • Prayed for their safety
  • Told them a cautionary tale
  • Obtained weapons for use
  • Packed food for them

10. Gilgamesh dreams of a mountainslide and a fiery storm. What does Enkidu tell him these dreams have predicted?

  • That they will be victorious in their quest
  • That they should choose another path
  • That they must return to the city quickly
  • That they will encounter terrible weather

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