The Devil's Arithmetic

What was rivka rules of survival?

Why has she made these rules

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Rivka made the rules of survival to keep herself and others alive while in the concentration camp. Her rules were based on experience and observations and included things such as paying attention to the numbers on others' arms; those with shorter numbers have been at the camp longer and likely have tips on how they managed to survive for so long.


The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen; 1988

1) learn to read prison numbers.

2) learn to organize

3) never go through the little cave door

4)help little kids hide.

to stay alive at the camps?


Rivka's rules of survival.

There were several things she had told Chaya (Hannah) and her friends.

- Do not lose your bowl. (the bowl to eat) It is the only one you will get.

- Read prison numbers.

- Do not talk while working.

- "Organize" things.

- Do not stick out or do anything for the Nazis to notice you.

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