The Devil's Arithmetic

The devils arithmetic

Chapter 6

what does chaya wear to the wedding?

what does she think of it?

what happened to her clothes

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Gitl tells Hannah that it is time to get dressed. Hannah is excited to think that she will be wearing something other than the sad nightgown she is wearing now. She follows Gitl into the room they share. Gitl says it is a shame that Chaya's clothes and bedding had to be burned, but it was feared that they carried the disease. Gitl promises to make her some new clothes before the winter. In the meantime, Gitl gives Chaya the dress she wore to Shmuel's Bar Mitzvah. The dress is a bit babyish for Hannah. She thinks it is quite ugly. Gitl promises she will look fine and gives her shoes and stockings as well. She fixes up Chaya's hair and has her look herself over in the mirror. Hannah does not recognize the girl in the mirror. She looks like herself but there is something different, something that reminds her of old photographs in the living room at home.