The Devil and Tom Walker

How does Tom walker compare to the devil in terms of his greed

In the story the devil adn Tom walker

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How does Tom's greed compare to the Devil's greed?

Tom eventually learns the Devil's tactics and begins to use them on others..... it's a bi

From the Text;

“You shall open a broker’s shop in Boston next month,” said the black man.

“I’ll do it tomorrow, if you wish,” said Tom Walker.

“You shall lend money at two percent a month.”

“Egad, I’ll charge four!” replied Tom Walker.

“You shall extort bonds, foreclose mortgages, drive the merchants tobankruptcy—”

“I’ll drive them to the d——l,” cried Tom Walker.

“You are the usurer for my money!” said blacklegs with delight. “When will

you want the rhino?”14

“This very night.”

“Done!” said the devil.

“Done!” said Tom Walker. So they shook hands and struck a bargain.


The Devil and Tom Walker