The Death Cure Themes

The Death Cure Themes

Desire to Escape

Thomas, throughout the story, wants to escape. In the first place, he was the one who convinced his friends to escape from WICKED and its trials. Although he knows what dangers await him in the outside world, he doesn't care. All he wants is to escape and get away from the torture he and his friends are getting into.

Facing Reality

The Gladers had to face many truths when they tries to escape. In the beginning, they thought they were in a place that protected them from the Flare disease. They were oblivious of the fact that they were like experimental rats used by WICKED. The gladers also had to accept the fact that some of them were immune while other were not. Also, when Thomas came to the maze, he had to late face the reality that he helped build the maze. He has to face the reality that he was immune the whole time, so he would be safe in the outside world. The most important reality of all is that the Gladers knew about Janson's intentions, and that they were very evil.

Fate and Free Will

The Gladers had to accept their fate whether it was to die from the experiments or from the WICKED people when they attacked them trying to escape. Each one of the gladers had the choice to either escape with the rest or to stay and be expiremented on. They all knew the dangers that awaited them and they all had the free will to go or stay.

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