The Death Cure Summary

The Death Cure Summary

Thomas finds himself isolated in a small room, without anything but food three times a day. No shower, no windows, no watch, nothing but blankness. It was driving him mad, especially that he hasn't showered for over three weeks. He started feeling rotten. On the twenty sixth day, Rat Man finally entered the room. Rat Man and Thomas spent a long time arguing about how WICKED should be trusted and how Thomas doesn't and will never trust them. They kept arguing also about the mission of WICKED and that it is for a good reason, despite the losses they had suffered earlier. Rat Man also told Thomas that this room was the last trial. Finally, he allowed Thomas to go and have a shower, giving him new clothes.

After taking a hot, relacing shower, Thomas went to where all the Gladers were. They were in a small auditorium and the first thing Thomas did was to search for Minho, Newt, Jorge and Brenda. They exchanged some hugs and slaps on the back, and Minho, as usual, with his sarcasm. He also met Teresa but didn't meet her with the full excitement he would have done before what she did to him at the Scorch. Suddenly, Rat Man quiets them and tells them that they will remove the Swipe, or to get all their memories back.

Although this is what Thomas wanted a long time ago, he, Newt and Minho did not agree to remove their Swipe. They did not trust what WICKED could do to their memories and if they will actually return their true memories or just ones from WICKED's inventions. Out of nowhere, Teresa suddenly blurted out "WICKED is good". The gladers have never seen her that supporting to WICKED before. She urged her friends to return their memories with her.

Rat Man tells that gladers that he has a list of immunes to the Flare disease, and a list of non- immunes. Fortunately, the majority is immune. Unfortunately, Newt turns out to be non-immune. Newt doesn't really care that much; he hated living in this world anyway.

Thomas, Minho, and Newt were locked up in a room until the rest of the gladers and group B restored their memoried back. They decide to escape whenever they have the chance. Rat Man, or Janson as he finally told them his name, decided that whether they wanted it or not, they are going to remove the Swipe. The three boys get a chance to escape and they have a quarrel with the guards. However, they fail, and Janson decides that Thomas will be the first to get his Swipe removed. They get him Brenda as the nurse, and she tells him to trust her and Chancellor Paige. Brends puts the sedation on one of the guards and helps Thomas, Newt, and Minho escape. She decides to escape with them and she tells them that they should go to the hangar where Jorge is a pilot of a Berg.

They find the weapons room empty and they know that something is wrong. Suddenly, Minho and Newt break into a fight and Brenda and Thomas try to stop it. Newt asks Thomas for a moment outside the room, he and Thomas alone. He gives him a note and asks Thomas to promise that he won't open it until it's the right time. Thomas promises and they go back with the team. They find a room with all the guards all tied up and laid out on the floor.

They finally find Jorge, but they find him bruised with a severe headache. He tells them that another group of Gladers and group B escaped already. Just as they were going to get to the berg, a group of guards appear and one of them launches a Launcher on Thomas and Brenda. Thomas passed out, and found himself awake in the berg. Brenda suggests to travel to Denver because that's where his friends might be, that's the most high elevated, safest place from the Flare, and that's where Hans lives. Hans used to work for WICKED but when he knew their real goal he escaped. He is the only one who could take out the tracking device for Thomas.

They arrived Denver and entered with fake names. However, they left newt outside because he wasn't immune. Abruptly, a man came and gave them a note saying "You need to come meet me immediately-- I'm with a group called the Right arm. Corner of Kenwood and Brookshire, Apartment 2792.". The note turns out to be from Gally.

They went and discovered that the Right Arm is against WICKED and they want to work together to take down WICKED. Gally tells them that there is a huge bounty over Hans and they want him killed. So, Thomas and his team go directly to Hans.

Right when Hans was ready to do the surgery, WICKED gained control of Thomas, and was trying to kill his friends and Hans. Luckily, they survived, and it was switched off from Thomas and Minho's brain. Hans tells them that he will leave this city, and the team decides to have something to eat.

When they go to a cafe, a non immune man is discovered, and Thomas decides to watch the show. This gets him into lots of trouble, for he was to go with the guard to wherever they wanted him to. They were going to sell him. However, Janson saves him by killing the man and tells him that they need Thomas for one last thing to save the world and it is his choice to return, and they will be waiting for him.

They go back to the berg to check on Newt, only to find him not there. He has gone with the other Cranks to live with them. Minho insists that they will go find Newt and take him back with them, and Thomas and the rest agree.They go to a place called the Crank Palace, and when they do find Newt, he tells them to get lost. They keep asking him but he finally gets mad and swears that he will shoot one of them if they don't leave. Sadly, they leave. Cranks break out the building but Luckily Thomas and the others survive. They suddenly get kidnapped, only to find the rest of the gladers and group B. They discover that they are kidnapped by the Right Arm and request to meet their boss.

They meet him and plan that Thomas will return back to WICKED's headquarters and tell them that he is here to complete the trials where in fact he is here to plant a device that will deactivate all WICKED's weapons then the Right Arm will come and take down WICKED.

While going to the hangar or the Right Arm, Thomas meets Newt with a bunch of cranks. He remembers the note he read earlier, the note that Newt wanted Thomas to kill him, if he has ever been his friend. After a long argument, Thomas pulls the trigger.

He arrived several miles from the headquarters, a place untouched by disease. He enters the headquarters, tells them he wants to go to the bathroom, and plants the deivce there. Janson surprises him by telling him that he is the final candidate and all they need is Thomas's brain to complete the blueprints. Thomas, at this second, wished that the Right Arm would show up. When Thomas told them he doesn't know if he can do this, Janson orders the doctor to do whatever is necessary to get Thomas's brain. He gets sedated, but he is still alive. Suddenly, he woke up to find himself still alive, and a woman's voice was calling his name. He found a file beside him containing a map and a letter. The letter said that he should get all the immunes he could find - and they are in the Maze - and his friends and escape to a place she built secretly to save the immunes. It was located in the headquarters but they will have to go through a flat trans to get to it. The letter was from Chancellor Paige. The map was a map of the headquarters that showed Thomas where to go.

He found his friends, but something bad was happening. The Right Arm was planting exxplosives to get this whole building down, instead of getting thier resources and using it for the good like they had planned. Thomas tells their boss, Vince about the letter, but he doesn't care and wants to bring the bulding down. So, Thomas, Brenda, Minho, and the other gladers with gorup B go to the Maze to save the rest of the immunes. When they arrived, they divided the people into groups, each group led by one of the gladers or group B. Suddenly the ceiling starts to shake and a huge part of it falls down on a group of people, killing them.

The group runs fast to where the Chancellor told Thomas. The building was collapsing and more people died from ceiling collapse. When they finally reached the flat trans, Janson shows up and wants to kill Thomas. Thomas learns that Janson is a crank. He finally kills him and as they were going to the flat trans, a ceiling collapses on Teresa, killing her.

Thomas is saved in a new world full of greenery and undestroyed by the cranks. However, he recalls his lost best friends: Teresa, Newt, and Chuck, and hates WICKED even more, but he remembers that Minho, Brenda and Jorge are still with him and he survived. He decides to stop thinking.

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