The Death Cure Literary Elements

The Death Cure Literary Elements


Science Fiction, Adventure

Setting and Context

In the future, in a destroyed world from a deadly disease called the Flare.

Narrator and Point of View

A third person who clearly expresses Thomas's thoughts

Tone and Mood

Cautious, adventurous

Protagonist and Antagonist

Protagonist: Thomas Antagonist :WICKED

Major Conflict

Thomas, with a group of Gladers, go through the final Trials and are given the option to get their memories back. Newt, Thomas, and Minho disagree but they are forced later on. Avoiding the procedure, they decided to escape the facility. They go to Denver and meet the Right arm, but Denver gets destroyed quickly by the cranks. So the gladers and the right arm group decide to ambush WICKED head quarters and take revenge.


When Thomas goes back to the headquarters as the person to go and plant the device that the right arm will use to disable all WICKED's weapons, he learns that Janson wants his brain for the final blueprints . Thomas thinks that the Right arm will come and save him in time, but the doctors already sedate him and luckily chancellor Paige is the one to save him . She gives him a map of the headquarters and a letter telling him to escape with the immunes hidden in the maze to a place with a new life that the Chancellor had created.


When Brenda tells Thomas to only trust her and Chancellor Paige. This foreshadows the events that happened in the end when the chancellor saved him from Janson and saved the whole race of the immunes and the uninfected human beings left on Earth.


When Thomas told Minho that it might be a good thing that Newt is a Crank. Thomas understates the torture of living like an animal, knowing that you have a deadly disease that will soon turn you into a voracious animal then die.




The area around WICKED's headquarters, with its natural scenes and animals living and making beautiful sounds. It represents life before the Flare came and destroyed the world and most of the human race. "The air was crisp and cool and the forest felt fresh, like he was standing in a brand new world, untouched by the disease.


The name of the organization that set itself a goal to find a cure to the Flare virus is a paradox. WICKED's goals seem good, yet their name hold evil in it, and this is what the Gladers and the right arm actually see in WICKED.



Metonymy and Synecdoche



"The smell of burning wood wafted through the air and a smoky haze choked the darkness." Here the smoky haze is personified as a person who choked the darkness, and also darkness is personifies as a person who is choked.

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