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The Crucible Quizzes

by Arthur Miller

The Crucible Quiz 1

1. Why does Abigail Williams live with Reverend Parris?

  • She is having an affair with him.
  • She is his servant.
  • She is his niece.
  • She is his illegitimate daughter.

2. Which of these characters is not condemned for witchery?

  • Rebecca Nurse
  • Giles Corey
  • Bridget Bishop
  • John Proctor

3. Why does Reverend Parris wish to spare Proctor?

  • He is convinced that Proctor is innocent.
  • He wishes to tear down the court.
  • He wants to have revenge against Abigail.
  • He fears for his life if a respected man is hanged.

4. "The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone." What is the significance of this line?

  • It is ironic, for Reverend Hale is using ambiguous marks to define the devil's presence.
  • It shows that Mary Warren is a prideful girl who thinks herself the superior of the Proctors.
  • It foreshadows Giles Corey's death by stoning.
  • It is a veiled threat that Reverend Parris uses against Proctor for opposing him.

5. Which of the following did not occur during the dancing?

  • Tituba attempted to conjure Ruth Putnam's sisters.
  • Mercy Lewis danced naked.
  • Abigail Williams drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor.
  • Susanna Walcott murdered a frog and a rabbit for Tituba's spell.

6. "More weight." What of the following is not significant about this line?

  • Giles chooses his death, sacrificing himself to spare others.
  • Danforth erroneously believes that Giles will admit to witchery if placed under greater torture.
  • Elizabeth mentions this to John as he decides whether or not to admit to witchcraft, serving as an example of a friend who sacrificed himself for a greater good.
  • Because Giles dies by refusing to answer questions, he is not excommunicated and dies a Christian.

7. Which of the following characters does not support John Proctor's decision to falsely admit to witchcraft?

  • Reverend Hale
  • Elizabeth Proctor
  • Deputy Governor Danforth
  • Reverend Parris

8. Why do many of the accused admit to witchcraft?

  • They are forced to admitting to witchcraft under duress and torture.
  • They are actually witches.
  • By admitting to witchcraft they guarantee that they will not be executed.
  • By admitting to witchcraft they can accuse others of the same crime.

9. Which of the following is not a complaint that Proctor has against Reverend Parris?

  • Parris demands too much compensation, such as the right to his house.
  • Parris reaches out for land at the expense of his neighbors
  • Parris focuses on hell and damnation in his services.
  • Parris wastes the church money on extravagant items.

10. "Your justice would freeze beer." To whom does this line refer?

  • Thomas Putnam
  • Elizabeth Proctor
  • Deputy Governor Danforth
  • Reverend Parris

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