The Crucible

Why and why not is John Proctor considered a good man

Explain and give evidence of your statment from the play of why John Proctor is considerd a good man and a bad man.

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"I would say that John Proctor is both flawed and honorable. Proctor had an affair with Abigail when she was a servant in his house. His wife has been unable to forgive him for this, and their marriage is unhappy until his wife, Elizabeth, is accused of being a witch by Abigail. Abigail even tells Proctor what really happened on the night the girls were discovered in the woods, but Proctor doesn't share this news with anyone until it's too late. Once Proctor is arrested for witchcraft, he's willing to admit to the charge, eveon though it's false, in order to save his life. These are all examples of Proctor's flawed character.

On the other hand, Proctor is known as a good man who is fair and is a hard worker. He is an honest man who regrets breaking his marriage vows. It is at the end of the play when Proctor is most honorable. Even though he has agreed to admit to witchcraft, he refuses to name any other people of his community. He also tears up the paper he has signed admiitting witchcraft when he learns the paper will be exposed for all to see because he says a man's good name is all he has to give to his children. To Proctor, his name is the essence of his character. If he allows Danforth and the other judges to take away his good name, then he also allows them to steal his soul. John dies an honorable man."


Good man

He struggled with his demons

He believes his name is honourable

He tries to get to the truth

He sacrifices everything for the truth


Has affair with his 17 year old housemaid Abagail