The Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories


Mrs. Almira (Almiry) Todd

Initial appearance: Chapter 2; "Mrs. Todd" p. 6 – first talks to the narrator "Well, dear, I took great advantage o' your bein' here. I ain't had such a season for years, but I have never had nobody I could so trust."

Final appearance: Chapter 24; "The Backward View" p. 128–129 – when the narrator is leaving "I lost sight of her as she slowly crossed an open space on one of the higher points of land, and disappeared again behind a dark clump of juniper and the pointed firs.

Captain Littlepage

Initial appearance: Chapter 4; "At the Schoolhouse Window" p. 12 – in the midst of a funeral procession "...I recognized the one strange and unrelated person in all the company, an old man who had always been mysterious to me."

Final appearance: Chapter 10 "The Great Expedition" p. 89 – sitting behind his closed window "There was a patient look on the old man's face, as if the world were a great mistake and he had nobody with whom to speak his own language or find companionship."

Mrs. Blackett

Initial appearance: Chapter 8 "Green Island" p. 35 – on land "I looked and could see a tiny flutter in the doorway, but a quicker signal had made its way from the heart on shore to the heart on sea."

Abby Martin Abby Martin is the title character of the section titled The Queen's Twin, a Maine woman who is convinced that she and Queen Victoria are twins.[1][2][3]

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