The Coquette

Main character relations

  • Eliza vs. Sanford:

Sanford’s charm and rebellious attitude attract Eliza. However, friends who know his true nature warn her against engagement with a man of his disposition. She disregards their warnings and continues her relationship with him.

  • Eliza vs. Boyer:

Boyer, a somewhat boring yet polite man, garners approval and kind remarks from society and Eliza’s friends. Boyer wants to settle down with a wife, but Eliza’s flirtatious nature prevents him from doing so. She doesn’t want to let go of their relationship, however, so she keeps him on hand.

  • Boyer vs. Sanford

Both vie for Eliza’s attention. While Boyer and Sanford represent two different images, Eliza cannot commit herself to one man. Boyer considers Sanford an immoral person, while Sanford sees Boyer as a mere obstacle in his pursuit of Eliza. Their conflicts are expressed via the letters they each write to their confidants, Selby and Deighton.

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