The Color of Water

Themes for chapter 3-Kosher

So I am trying to do my summer reading for this book but the assignment doesnt really fit the book. Well anyway part of the assignment is to find a theme for each chapter and I cant really find one and make it fit. Does anyone have any help for me?

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The theme here would be family and religion; the impotance of religion in life........... or if you want to stay away from the religion aspect, simply go with the culture of the Jewish people you're reading about here. I personally don't think you can separate the two, but some people might try.

What we see in this chpater is the beginning of a family, and what that family had to endure. Marriage was arranged/ not a choice, money exchanged hands/ a dowey if you will, and the marriage contract is dictated by Jewish law. So kosher, written above and attached to the text is an apt theme.


The Color of Water