The Book Thief

THE BOOK THIEF: How did Liesels two mother figures in the novel (the Mayor’s wife and her Mama) aid in her survival?

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Liesel's father was a Communist, but she does not yet know what this means when she is a child. Liesel feels abandoned by her mother but dimly understands that she is being "saved" from poverty and persecution. Lesel's mother makes the ultimate sacrifice, as a mother, by sending her kids to relative safety. The Nazis would have certainly targeted Liesel and her brother had they stayed with their mother. The Mayor's wife is Ilsa Hermann. An intelligent woman with her own library, Ilsa has spent decades mourning the death of her son Johann, who froze to death in 1918, the final year of World War I. Ilsa takes a liking to Liesel: she witnesses Liesel stealing a book from the book burning and invites Liesel into her home library to read. Ilsa gives Liesel a blank book and encourages her to write, and not to live the rest of her life in despair. Ilsa and her husband take Liesel into their home after Hans and Rosa are killed. She saves Liesel emotionally, intellectually, and physically.


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