The Book Thief

Explain how the changes that occur in Rudy Steiner influence the meaning of the book?

I believe that the book meaning is words and propaganda.

Possible Questions to consider include: why the changes occur, and what major discovery or realization prompted the changes? And I need specific details from the book. Thank you!

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Rudy was not seduced by Nazi propaganda or even threats or conformity. Rudy somehow holds his colour-blind innocence. When he was seven years Rudy, in awe of the great Olympian Jesse Owens, painted himself with charcoal and tried to reenact the race in down town Molching. THis of course gets his whole family in trouble but Rudy keeps that sense of right and wrong. Rudy essentially moves with Liesel becoming her sidekick, her comrade in arms. Later Rudy will have a romantic interest in Liesel and we see the changes as he will do anything for her including fetching her books from a freezing river. In the end Rudy progresses as a boy with the innocence of goodness to a young man with courage to know right from wrong.