The Book Thief

Can someone name some Irony in the book thief?

can someone please name some examples of irony in the book thief with the page number or chapter( whichever) I honestly suck at finding irony i hardly know what it is.... please help!!!!

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Liesel doesn’t begin to learn how to read until she is ten yet she becomes such a prolific reader and writer. She begins to read in the Chapter "The woman With the Iron Fist."

It's ironic that Death narrates a story about the Holocaust

In 1936 Jesse Owens, a black American athlete, wins four gold medals at the Olympics in Berlin. This infuriates Hitler who had his "master race" athletes competing. Alex Steiner, a card carrying Nazi boy, paints himself black and runs the 100 meters to emulate a black athlete. Chapter "The Jesse Owens Incident"

Liesel is taunted by her classmate Ludwig Schmeikl. Rudy urges her to ignore Ludwig, but she instead savagely beats him. Still enraged, she also punches Tommy a few times, Remember Liesel is a girl! Chapter THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE SCHOOL-YARD