The Bible Characters

The Bible Character List


The first human being who was given life by God and presented with paradise within the Garden of Eden. His disobediance in the form of taking a bite from the forbidden fruit brought on the arrival of sin and mortality for the rest of the human race forever.


The very first woman who was created using a rib from Adam to become his companion. Her encounter with Satan in the form of a tempting serpent led to Adam's disobediance and the subsequent fall from grace from the paradise they lost.


The first human borne of woman, Cain was Adam and Eve's firs son. Cain also becomes the central player in the first murder in the history of the human species. In fact, the central subject in the telling of the story of Cain and his younger sibling Abel (Gen. 4:3–5:32) deals almost exclusively with this one single act and its consequences onhis life.


The second-born son of Adam and Eve whose is murdered by his older brother, Cain. For many, the subling rivalry that ends so tragically serves the far greater purpose of providing context for the historical expansion of hostilities that will erupt between those who farm crops for a living and those who tend herds.


The brother of Moses and his mouthpiece for negotiating the release of the Israelites from bondage to the Egyptians.


The Jewish child who was unwittingly raised as an Egyptian prince until he learned his true heritage and fate: that of being the chosen one to rise up against the Egyptian rules who had enslaved the Israelite for centuries. Moses will finally succeed in freeing his people from their bondage, but spend the next forty years in the wilderness, never getting the opportunity to lay his eyes on the promised land. Also brought the Ten Commandments down from the mounttain top after they had been written in stone by the hand of God.


The patriarch of many sons who would go on to be referred to as the Father of Israel.


Son of King David would eventually betray him and lead an insurrection against his father.


Brother of Peter. Both fisherman, Andrew would join his brother in leaving the world catching fish behind in order to fish for believers in a new messiah named Jesus as one of the Twelve Apostles.


First Emperor of Rome. The man who ordered the census was the stimulus bringing Joseph and the Virgin Mary to Bethlehem.

The Virgin Mary

The mother who conceived Jesus while still a virgin. Married to Joseph, but without having consummated the marriage before her divine pregnancy.


One of the Twelves Apostles.


The wife of Uirah the Hittite who was spied on while bathing on her roof by King David who thereupon engaged in an adulterous affair with her before sending her husband into battle to be killed. Upon their marriage, Bathsheba gave birth to a baby who would go to become King Solomon.


The Jewish high priest before whom Jesus would be tried and sentenced to death by Crucifixion.


One of the greatest of the Old Testament prophets. He was taken captive and transported to Babylon where he became famous for interpreting dreams and divining visions.


A small shepherd boy who gained fame with unlikely vanquishing of the feared giant Philistine, Goliath. As one of the greatest Kings of the Israelites, he founded the royal lineage which eventually traced down--with some finagling--to Jesus. Also the writer and collector of much of the content found in the Book of Psalms.


Philistine woman who betrayed Samson by cutting off the source of his great physical strength: his long hair.


Another of the great prophets of the Old Testament.


The son of Isaac and Rebekkah and the brother of Jacob who cheated Esau of his birthright.


Exiled Jewish woman named Hadassah who became Esther upon marrying a Persian king and and became the heroine of her own title book of the Bible.


Another great visionary prophet of the Old Testament.


One of the very precious few angels that actually appear by name within the scripture. Gabriel's angelic mession to earth was to interpret the vision by the prophet Daniel.


Philistine warrior hero felled with a beautifully aimed slingshot by a very young David.


One of the sons of Noah; among the very few humans to survive the Great Flood.


King of Babylon who composed a code of laws similar to the Ten Commandments.


Brother of John and one of the Twelve Apostles.


Central player in the book named after him who suffers terribly and loses everything as the result of a bizarre bet between God and Satan.


One of the Twelve Apostles and attibuted with writing the gospel that bears his name.


The successor of Moses as leaders of the newly freed Israelites following their Exodus from Egypt and the death of Moses.


Figure most notable for allegedly being swallowed by a whale and living to tell the tale.


One of the Twelve Apostles who was closest to Jesus, but betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver.


Dead man who was raised from the dead as one of the miracles of Jesus.


Nephew of Abraham who barely escapes becoming a victim when the city of Sodom is utterly annihilated by the wrath of God.


One of the Twelve Apostles whose name bears the title of the second gospel of Jesus Christ.


Tax collector. Apostle. Author of the gospel which bears his name.


Another of the precious few angels mentioned by name. Guardian angel of Daniel.


Man who built the ark that saved a few humans and two of every animal from being killed by the worldwide flood sent by God as punishment for man's wickedness.


Saul was a zealot who killed followers of Christ before being converted on a road to Damascus by coming face to face with the resurrected Jesus. From that point on, he change his hame to Paul and became the premier chronicler of the life and acts of Jesus and the other apostles.


One of the Twelve Apostles who became the founder of what would become the Catholic Church.


One of the Twelve Apostles.

Pontius Pilate

Roman procurator who sealed the fate of Jesus with his inaction and then infamous washed his hands of his guilt. Or so he thought.


The first king of Israel who first embraced David after he slayed Goliath, but later turned on him when he started becoming the people's favorite over Saul.


Son of David and Bathsheba who would go on to become the wisest of the Kings of Israel, charter the impressive temple and have many proverbs attributed to his authorship. .

Jesus Christ

God's only begotten son sent to earth to become a sacrificial lamb taking on the sins of the earth. Crucified on the cross for three days before His resurrection. The Lord and Savior of Christians across the world.

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