• Sophie: The protagonist of the story, who becomes an international heroine.
  • The BFG: A 24-foot-tall individual who has superhuman hearing abilities and immense speed. His primary occupation is the collection and distribution of good dreams to children. He also appears in another novel, Danny, the Champion of the World, in which he is introduced as a folkloric character. His name is an initialism of 'Big Friendly Giant'.
  • The Queen of England: based on Elizabeth II.
  • Mary: The Queen's Maid
  • Mr. Tibbs: The Palace butler
  • Mrs. Clonkers: The unseen director of the orphanage in which Sophie lives at the start of the novel; described as cruel to her charges.
  • Head of the Army: a bombastic officer answering to the Queen.
  • Head of the Air Force: a second, equally bombastic officer.
  • King of Sweden: Sometimes called the Queen of Sweden in play versions
  • Sultan of Baghdad
  • Monsieur Papillon: The Queen's chief cook.
  • Nine anthroprophagous giants, each approx. 50 ft. tall and proportionately broad and powerful:
    • The Manhugger
    • The Meatdripper
    • The Childchewer
    • The Butcher Boy
    • The Bloodbottler
    • The Maidmasher
    • The Fleshlumpeater
    • The Bonecruncher
    • The Gizzardgulper

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