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The Art of Love literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Art of Love by Ovid.

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Posted By eva p #103415 at Sep 09, 2009 4:19 AM

Have you ever met such person-fell in love page

One parts
Smokes must be aware of that smoke addict is not like drug addict, which makes people crazy shortly. However it is much foremost than drug attact. It always deepen in your bone, and bites your willness agway little by little. And my miss to him is like smoke attact, that smoking is harmful to health, but I can not stop missing him.

Two parts
I quit my job and ran after him in a different city only one month I met him. In the first conversation between us, I was attracted by him, the feeling to stay with him was so strony that I couldn’t resist.
However, when I went to the foreign city for him, I found he had a girl friend who was badly sick.
I couldn’t accept the contrast between the desperated feeling and the undescrible happy feeling before. It was like jumping from the high mountain to the button, I can not breath in his lies. Finally we departed after only one week I came to the city.

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Posted By sunita s #83467 at Mar 09, 2009 1:20 AM

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