The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The chapter Called

The chapter called in lika a lion refers to the expression " in like a lion, out lika a lamb ". Describe Junior's feeling before, during and after the rematch against Wellpinit.

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Junior is getting better at basketball and becomes quite a star at Reardan. He is the first Indian player to be on Reardan's varsity team, so he attracts attention from the local media. One reporter hassles Junior for an interview before Reardan's rematch against Wellpinit, so Junior comes clean with his feelings: he has something to prove to himself, to his teammates, and to his former classmates from Wellpinit - and he cannot wait to slaughter Rowdy on the court.

Coach starts Junior and assigns him to guard Rowdy. Rowdy immediately tries to dunk, but Junior steals the ball and dribbles it all the way across the court, then makes a three-pointer. This glorious moment has the Reardan supporters in tears and sets the tone for the rest of the game. Reardan wins by forty points, and Junior guards Rowdy so well that he only scores four points. As Junior is celebrating with his team, he looks at the Wellpinit players and suddenly feels ashamed for being so brutal. He realizes that while most of his teammates have cars, homes, and bright futures, some of the Wellpinit players probably didn't eat breakfast that morning, some suffer the pain of living with alcoholic parents, and not one of them will ever go to college. This realization hits Junior hard, and he weeps in the locker room.