The 5th Wave Characters

The 5th Wave Character List

Cassie Sullivan

The main protagonist of the novel, Cassie is a sixteen year old described as short and having curly strawberry-blonde hair. Her mother died in the 3rd wave and her father was killed by Commander Vosch at the refugee camp the Sullivans were staying at. Her younger brother, Sammy, is taken away with the rest of the children to Camp Haven. She is later on shot and rescued by Evan Walker, whom she starts a relationship with and later finds out to be a Silencer. Although suspicious of him, she goes with him to Camp Haven to rescue Sammy and Ben, a boy she had a crush on back in school.

Evan Walker

A boy from rural Ohio, his family was wiped out in the 3rd wave. He is a Silencer and rescues Cassie after shooting her. He then goes with Cassie to Camp Haven but disappears inside, although managing to get Cassie, Sammy, and Ben out.

Ben Parish

A popular football player and honors student in the same high school as Cassie. He contracts the plague in the 3rd wave but is "rescued" and taken to Camp Haven, where he is given the nickname "Zombie." He finds out that the soldiers are actually aliens in disguise and eventually escapes with Cassie and Sammy.

Sammy Sullivan

Cassie's younger brother who was taken away to Camp Haven, where he goes by the name Nugget. He eventually escapes with Ben and Cassie.

Commander Vosch

The sadistic and cruel leader and mastermind of the alien soldiers. He is originally thought to be a hero at Camp Haven but reveals his true self by killing Cassie's father.

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