Fundamentals of Physics Extended (10th Edition)

Published by Wiley
ISBN 10: 1-11823-072-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-11823-072-5

Chapter 6 - Force and Motion-II - Questions: 10


While free falling, both the pumpkin and the sky diver were traveling at a very fast speed. When the parachute was deployed, it slowed down the diver rapidly. The diver didn't have enough strength to slow down the pumpkin with him, so the pumpkin broke through his grip.

Work Step by Step

When traveling at such high speeds, it takes a lot of force to slow down an object. The diver was strapped safely into the chute so it had enough force to slow down the diver. The pumpkin, however, was strapped into nothing. The diver's grip was not a subsequent amount of force to slow down the pumpkin. So instead of staying in the diver's arms, the pumpkin continued to accelerate downwards, effectively ruining the newly remodeled kitchen.
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