Essential Cell Biology, 4th Edition

Published by Garland Science
ISBN 10: 0815344546
ISBN 13: 978-0-81534-454-4

Chapter 1 - Cells: The Fundamental Units of Life - Questions: Question 1-7


To put your next door neighbors mind at ease, you can tell her that her $100 she donated to cancer research is being well spent. Brewers yeast is a eukaryotic cell that is related to animal cells and is commonly used to research animal cell mechanisms because of its fast rate of reproduction and simplicity, therefore the researchers using her money are still researching cancer even though they are not observing it directly.

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Brewers yeast is used frequently in human cell research, such as cancer research, because of its fast reproduction rate and simplicity compared to the very complex and slow reproducing human cell. Brewers yeast cells has played a big role in understanding cell mechanisms like cellular reproduction and division, which is a mechanism that leads to cancer if the cell does not replicate properly.
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