Biology (11th Edition)

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Chapter 1 - The Science of Biology - Figure 1.8 - Inquiry Questions: 1


For any organism, the constant factor would be reduced by reducing the net increase from point to point, by reducing the net increase in population from generation to generation.

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The increase from point to point is the net increase in population from generation to generation of whatever organism is being examined. Thus, to decrease the constant factor, you just have to decrease reproduction or lifespan--either will lead to a net slowing of growth, or reverse growth to decline. Ironically, human population only continues to grow now, in spite of sharp declines in the birthrate in almost every country, because people have lived longer and longer lives over the last century. This is having unintended negative economic consequences at present, especially for younger people in countries, like China, which have had the steepest decline in birthrate.
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