Tess of the D'Urbervilles

tess angel relationship and it regarded some quotes for answer of the novel tess of the d'urbervilles

what the relation between tess and angel and give some important quotes

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Their relationship is one of true love, but it's also a sad story of anger and lack of forgiveness. Tess is madly in love with Angel; Angel, the son of a minister loves her dearly, but can't except that his wife has had previous sexual relationships and leaves her just after their wedding. Note that Tess didn't reveal her loss of virginity until the night they were married.

After Angel leaves, Tess is forced to take care of herself by any possible means. Under those conditions, she returns to the "care" of Mr. D’Urberville after rejecting him several times. She goes on to become his mistress with the agreement that he financially take care of he family.

Angel returns, only to find she's living with D’Urberville. He had forgiven her but what now? D’Urberville mocks Angel, and Tess murders him.

Tess and Angel alternate between happiness and sadness. Their timing is completely wrong; everything that can shadow their love does.

"Whither does this new current tend to carry me? What does it mean to my future? How does it stand towards my past?" Tess on Angel (Chapter 20)

"They met continually; they could not help it. They met daily in that strange and solemn interval, the twilight of the morning, in the violet or pink dawn; for it was necessary to rise early, so very early, here. Milking was done betimes; and before the milking came the skimming, which began at a little past three. It usually fell to the lot of some one or other of them to wake the rest, the first being aroused by an alarm-clock; and, as Tess was the latest arrival, and they soon discovered that she could be depended upon not to sleep though the alarm as others did, this task was thrust most frequently upon her. No sooner had the hour of three struck and whizzed, than she left her room and ran to the dairyman's door; then up the ladder to Angel's, calling him in a loud whisper; then woke her fellow-milkmaids. By the time that Tess was dressed Clare was downstairs and out in the humid air. The remaining maids and the dairyman usually gave themselves another turn on the pillow, and did not appear till a quarter of an hour later." Budding Romance/ Chapter 20

"She is not what in common parlance is called a lady," said Angel, unflinchingly, "for she is a cottager's daughter, as I am proud to say. But she is a lady, nevertheless--in feeling and nature." (Chapter 26)

I don't know how far you've gotten in the novel, or what chapters you're looking for as far as quotes............ have you finished this novel? Or are you working on questions midway through?

If you're looking for information past the point of their marriage, you're going to need to look further than this.


Tess of the d'Urbervilles/ Hardy