Tennyson's Poems

What is the summary of the owl poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson?

Standard-5 level answer.

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The poem is about a barn owl who sits perched in a church tower. The Owl contrasts from other animals and people who go about their lives in both day and night. Cats run home and Milkmaids close gates. The Owl, however, is nocturnal and there is an underlying ominous sense about him. Tennyson gives us the sense that the owl is an omniscient force who watches and knows all about his surroundings.


This poem is about the owl who sits on a part of tower or steeple where bells are hung.The merry milkmaids clicks the doorlock  and the cock crows beneath the thatch .Afred,Lord tennyson had  said that the owl give relax to his five wits.