Such a Pretty Girl Literary Elements

Such a Pretty Girl Literary Elements


Young Adult Fiction

Setting and Context

Current time in Estertown, Pennsylvania

Narrator and Point of View

Meredith Shale, recounting events from her perspective, recent events and those three years ago

Tone and Mood

Threatening, frightened, angry

Protagonist and Antagonist

Meredith is the protagonist; her father, Charles in the antagonist

Major Conflict

Conflict between Meredith and her mother over the return of her father after serving only three years of his prison sentence for abusing her
Conflict between Meredith and her father over personal contact as she wants none and he will not accept this


Meredith filming her fathers touching her and his attempt to molest her again, with Meredith disabling him with an oak statue of the Virgin Mary


When Meredith realizes her parents are trying to have another baby this foreshadows the inevitable abuse that the child will suffer by her father


Meredith's mother tells Metedith that when her father molested her he made a mistake just like everyone else makes mistakes


Meredith refers to her mother being Barbie-like in appearance likening her to a doll that never ages and also to the toy that she remembers as being used for her to demonstrate where her father touched her


The oak figure of the Virgin Mary is Meredith's savior both figuratively as she trusts her safety to God and literally when the figure is Meredith's only weapon against her farher's attack


Sharon does not see Charles as an abuser paradoxically failing to see that she was one of his first victims having started their relationship when he was a young man of sixteen and she a child of twelve


Meredith worries that her relationship with Andy, who is four years older than she is, parallels the relationship if her parents, who also had a four year gap between them

Metonymy and Synecdoche

The Complex didn't want Charles Shale to live amongst them, with the complex representing each resident who lives there


Estertown does not want a child rapist in their midst, attributing the feeling of anger at Charles' return to the town itself rather than the citizens that live there

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