The way the title and main theme of the novel, Speak function throughout the book?


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The title Speak is significant because it reflects the continuing theme of the novel. Victims of sexual abuse have to be able to speak in order to heal, and just as important they need to be able to speak out against their attacker in order to stop the same thing from happening to someone else. People cannot begin to understand sosmething if you aren't willing to talk to them, and yet possibly victims will never speak at all....... simply because they don't want to. Some of these people stay silent because they are ashamed. Some only find it necessary to be able to "speak" to themselves in order for healing to occur. Some find their voice out of fear for someone else, but they have to be able to speak outloud to find closure and make a difference. The word speak serves as a title; it works as a verb, and it is even used as an adjective. It is the theme and main idea of the entire novel.