Song of Solomon

where does milkman find home and why doesnt he believe in ghost?

song of solomon

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1) Shalimar, although the novel also alludes to the fact that home is the place we find in ourselves and the people we love. It's not a place, it's a feeling.

2) "How’d she die?"



"You don’t believe in ghosts?"

"Well"—Milkman smiled—"I’m willing to, I guess." "You better believe, boy. They’re here." (1.4.109)

"Milkman, Milkman, Milkman. You need to start believing in something, and why not start with ghosts? If the crazy town crier who gave you your nickname believes in ghosts, then, probably you should listen to him. Here we see the way that ghosts haunt not only the Dead family, but the greater community as well. They exist." (1)

"Milkman’s relatively wealthy upbringing and general ignorance of the presence of others had blinded him of superstition." (2)


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