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What is the reason why Roland was betrayed?


jhayvie b #261649
Aug 14, 2012 8:24 AM

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What is the reason why Roland was betrayed?

In the song of Roland

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Aug 14, 2012 11:04 AM

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To Ganelon, Roland is what is wrong with king Charles. In Ganelon's mind, Charles has too much respect for Roland and not enough for him. I get the impression that Ganelon wants to be "Roland" for Charles. Even before the Saracen messenger and Ganelon leave the Frankish camp, both of them have decided that Roland must die. Never does Ganelon think of killing king Charles. He only gives king Marsilla Charles' plans and Roland's position in order to get rid of Roland. The reason that Ganelon goes so far as to bring Charles into the mess with the Muslims is because Charles is who they all care about, not Roland. Ganelon needs Roland dead, and the only way that the Saracens will kill Roland is if they think it means the end of Charles and his army in Spain.I think Ganelon knows that Roland will protect king Charles at all cost; therefore, Charles will be safe. In the end, I feel bad for Ganelon. His anger and hatred towards Roland caused him to do a very evil thing, betraying his country. He seems to really admire and honor king Charles due to all of the affirmation he gives to Charles. If Roland had not been around in the capacity that he was, thing would have probably turned out much differently. However, Ganelon's conflict with Roland has pushed him over the edge especially when Roland offers Ganelon up as the messenger. I feel like if Ganelon and Roland could have just gotten over their differences and issues, the two would have been an unstoppable pair and an asset to Charles with their intelligence and courage.



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