Skellig Summary

Skellig Summary

Michael, who is ten years old and his family have recently moved to the dilapidated house in Falconer Road. They all are worried about the health of the premature born sister, who may not survive because of heart failure.

Michael goes to the garage and there, among the boxes, he finds a strange, exhausted creature. He gives a shelter and some food to it. The creature turns out a self-willed one and with some arthritic problems, so it constantly needs the aspirin and Chinese food. From him Michael finds out that the human shoulders are the germ for the angel’s wings.

At that time, Michael’s school friends drift apart from the boy, who stops visiting the classes and spending time with the friends. He gets acquainted with a girl. Her name is Mina and she lives the next door. They become friends. Mina doesn’t go to school too, and studies at home. She is interested in nature, painting and the William Blake’s poems. The girl looks after the birds living in her garden, and she trains Michael to their gentle singing. And then Michael decides to let her meet the strange creature.

Our hero takes interest in the treatment of arthritis at the doctors and medical staff of the hospital where his premature born sister is treated. An ager woman, Grace, comes to see Michael. Suddenly, Michael finds out that Grace has died. The creature, which is living in boy’s garage, tells its name to Michael and Mina. His name is Skelling.

Michael’s sister is at death’s door, she needs urgent cardiac surgery. The boy’s mother goes to the hospital to live there some time with the newborn child. But once, at night, Skelling comes to their ward, lifts the girl to the air and saves her life.

Afterwards he leaves the garage saying goodbye to Michael and Mina and answering all their questions about his nature and explains that he is something average between a man, an owl and an angel.

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