Sister Carrie


  • Caroline Meeber, a.k.a. Carrie, a young woman from rural Wisconsin; the protagonist.
  • Minnie Hanson, Carrie's dour elder sister who lives in Chicago and puts up Carrie on her arrival.
  • Sven Hanson, Minnie's husband, of Swedish extraction and taciturn temperament.
  • Charles H. Drouet, a buoyant traveling salesman Carrie meets on the train to Chicago.
  • George W. Hurstwood, a well-to-do, sophisticated man who manages Fitzgerald and Moy's resort.
  • Julia Hurstwood, George's strong-willed, social-climbing wife.
  • Jessica Hurstwood, George and Julia's daughter, who shares her mother's aspirations to social status.
  • George Hurstwood, Jr, George and Julia's son.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vance, a wealthy merchant and his wife, who live in the same building as Hurstwood and Carrie in New York City.
  • Robert Ames, Mrs. Vance's cousin from Indiana, a handsome young scholar whom Carrie regards as a male ideal.
  • Lola Osborne, a chorus girl Carrie meets during a theatre production in New York, who encourages Carrie to become her roommate.

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