Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

which of the following primary plot elements characteristic of medieval romances is missing from the excerpt from sir gwain and the green knight

Sir Gwain and the Green Knight

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You don't provide the details you want me to choose from. I would probably guess the whole "damsel in distress" motif would be missing. The only female in this thing is the Green Knight's wife and she certainly isn't in distress.

There also isn't a definitive "Medieval Romance-style" happy ending - Gawain is in absolute turmoil about his break in chivalric code. Despite the fact that Arthur orders all of the other knights to wear a sash/girdle in HONOUR of Gawain and his victory, Gawain feels that dishonesty (albeit to save his own life) went against all ideals of the Pentagle. (Fellowship, Franchise, Courtesy, Cleanness and Charity) One cannot exist without the other and by going against the "courtesy" ideal (by not giving Bertilak the girdle) Gawain has broken the chivalric code.

The poet questions, subtly, the validity of societal and chivalric values and ideals and leaves the reader to come to the conclusion that the Round Table Chivalric Code is NOT infallible and Gawain SHOULD be forgiven for his transgression.