Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

when the green knight appears suddenly at king arthur's court, he asks for permission to play a christmas game. how does the green knight game test the values and reputation of arthur's courtas well gawain's personal honor?

green knight and king arthur poem

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The values that i feel they represent can be truth and honesty. Honesty for one,s friends and standing up for what you believe in.


My opinion

The Christmas Game entails someone taking their best sword swing at the Green Knight. A year later the Knight gets a swing at the same person. Remeber to add this game to your next family Christmas festivities. Gawain sees that his king is willing, when publicly humiliated, to fight the Knight. Gawain steps in and accepts the challenge. This, of course, displays the honour code of the Knights of the Round Table. Further more Gawain actually shows up on said appointed day to take what is coming. Nothing like a beheading to ruin your day. Gawain is honourable though. He doesn't jump into the sheets with the Knight's foxy wife. In the end he is spared by the knight because of his chivalry.Hey it pays off to be honourable after all!