Silas Marner


  • At least five major film adaptations of Silas Marner were released during the silent film era, including the following:
  • 1911: Silas Marner (Thanhouser Film Corporation, USA; 31 March 1911) with Frank Hall Crane in the title role.[2]
  • 1912: Le Noël de Silas Marner (Pathé Frères, France; November 1912) (UK; 27 November 1912; as Silas Marner's Christmas).[3]
  • 1913: Silas Marner (Edison Company, USA; 24 October 1913) with William Langdon West (actor, 1856-1915) in the title role.[4]
  • 1916: Silas Marner (Thanhouser Film Corporation, USA; 19 February 1916) with Frederick Warde in the title role.[5][6]
  • 1922: Silas Marner (Associated Exhibitors, USA; May 1922) (UK; 25 January 1926) with Crauford Kent in the title role.[7]
  • The actor Michael Williams played Marner in a Focus on the Family two-part adaptation for radio; this was to be the last acting role before his death. The production also featured Edward Woodward, Jenny Agutter, Alex Jennings and Timothy Bateson and has subsequently been re-broadcast on BBC Radio 7.
  • W. S. Gilbert's Dan'l Druce, Blacksmith (1876) takes its initial situation–the arrival of a child in a miser's life–from Silas Marner (as noted in the libretto), and has a somewhat similar ending, although the middle section is entirely new.[8][9]
  • The critically acclaimed 1954 Indian film Bangaru Papa, in Telugu, starring S. V. Ranga Rao and Krishna Kumari, is also based on award-winning short story writer Palagummi Padmaraju's loose adaptation of Silas Marner.[10]
  • The British composer John Joubert wrote an opera Silas Marner based on the novel in 1961.[11][12]
  • The novel was adapted as Sukhdas in Hindi by the Indian writer Premchand.[13]
  • Ben Kingsley played Silas Marner in a 1985 BBC adaptation (broadcast in the US by Masterpiece Theatre), with Patsy Kensit as the grown-up Eppie.
  • Lazy Bee Scripts in England published a one-act adaptation of Silas Marner,
  • The children's TV series Wishbone has an episode with an abridged adaptation.
  • Steve Martin wrote, produced, and starred in a 1994 movie adaptation of the novel, titled A Simple Twist of Fate.
  • A new stage version of "Silas Marner" is scheduled to premiere at the Grand Theatre Arts Wing, Swansea in September 2012. Written by Francis Hardy, it will be produced by Fluellen Theatre Company.
  • A full-length musical entitled The Weaver of Raveloe, written by Erica Glenn and Melissa Leilani Larson, was inspired by the novel. It had its World Premiere production at the A.R.T.'s OBERON in May of 2014.

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