Silas Marner

Why did silas manner go to ravaloe again??

I need dis

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What chapter are you referring to?

He went there to meet Mr.Paston,the minister.He wanted to know from him whether the allegation of robbery had been wiped out.He also wanted to talk to him about the religion of the countryside.

First of all this question is wrong the question is that why did Silas go to lantern yard again?

Marner wanted to visit lantern yard again because he wanted to meet Mr.paston, the minister because he hope that he might be proved innocent in the case of robbery of parson's money.He also wanted to tell paston about the religion of roveloe.

Silas went to lantern yard again becoz he wanted to meet Mr.pastron to get details about the robbery acse whether the allegation put on him had been wiped out or not.