Silas Marner

What fascinated Silas as a companion in Raveloe?

describe his loneliness along and his new companion.

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He quietly plies his trade, an odd and lonely stranger in the eyes of the villagers. Marner is the quintessential miser in English literature, collecting and hoarding the gold he earns at his loom. Silas perhaps does not know how lonely his is. He is not happy and hoarding gold does not fill the empytness he has. Infinitely curious and good-natured, Eppie is Marner's redeemer. She grows up to be a lovely, auburn-haired girl, never leaving her new father--Marner himself--and eventually marrying Aaron Winthrop. One day Eppie comes into his life. A child with golden-curled hair and the biological daughter of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren, she toddles into Silas Marner's cottage when her mother is dying. Infinitely curious and good-natured, Eppie is Marner's redeemer. She is not Gold or Silver, but a child who awakes the humanity in Silas that has so long been dormant.