Short Stories of Thomas Hardy

What's the relationship between Sophy and her Sam?

It's from Thomas Hardys' short story "The Son's Veto".

I need enough details!!

-how they met?

-how is their relationship through the years?

-how does Sam feel about Sophy?

stuff like that!

thank you!!

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1)Sophy and Sam met while working for rural vicar Reverend Twycott. Sophy was a servant; Sam was a gardner.

2) Early on, Sam proposes to Sophy, she refuses him. Later in life, they meet again, and Sam proposes again. She accepts, but her son says absolutely not. She also asks him to wait for her until an appropriate time arises....... and he does (over five years), at least until the time that he watches her funeral procession make its way down the street in front of his store.

3) Same loves Sophy.......... I believe Sophy simply wants life to be as easy as possible.


The Son's Veto