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FPG (Greve/Grove) sources and research collections

The FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL Collections Website at the University of Manitoba Archives (UMA) contain numerous big & small e-texts by/about FPG and FrL, notably:

  • A list of the FPG (Greve/Grove) Sources & Documents held at the University of Manitoba Archives
  • A description of the FPG (Greve/Grove) Sources & Documents held at the University of Manitoba Archives (based on a 1996 promotional brochure)
  • A brief history of UMA e-Projects

The Frederick Philip Grove Papers (Mss 2, 24 Boxes) contain many published and unpublished manuscripts and typescripts and six mss. German poems, which were acquired by the University of Manitoba from his widow Catherine Wiens Grove in the early 1960s.

  • An online Finding-Aid of this pivotal Collection is available on the archival websites.

Professor D. O. Spettigue's Research Papers (Mss 57, 1985 & 1995) document the sensational discovery of the FPG identity in 1971, and were added in 1986. They also include two letters Thomas Mann sent to Grove in 1939.

  • An additional Spettigue cluster was acquired in January 1995. It included Greve's correspondence with André Gide, Karl Wolfskehl, O. A. H. Schmitz et al., and most importantly, Else Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven's autobiographical writings which are full of reflections on her life with Greve from 1902-ca. 1912 (both: Mss 57, 16 Boxes).

Professor Margaret Stobie's Collection (Mss 13) documents Grove's early teaching activities in Manitoba, and contains Grove's first Canadian publication, the sprawling article "Rousseau als Erzieher" in the German newspaper Der Nordwesten (Nov./Dec. 1914). Dr. Gaby Divay's Research Papers (Mss 12, 1986-) contain many documents pertaining to FPG & FrL discoveries such as:

  • Greve's mss. poems submitted in 1902 for publication in Stefan George's prestigious Blätter für die Kunst
  • six sonnets he translated from Dante's Vita Nuova in 1898 (both clusters were found in the Stefan-George-Archiv, Stuttgart, in May 1990, copies courtesy of Dr. Ute Oelmann)
  • Claude Martin's 1976 masterly edition of Gide's 1904 Conversation avec un allemand (with two confessional letters by Greve)
  • Centennial e-Ed. in Germ & Eng. of seven poems published in 1904/5 under the joint pseud. 'Fanny Essler' in Die Freistatt
  • Greve's passage to North America from Liverpool to Montreal in July 1909 (found shortly after the 1998 international FPG Anniversary Symposium in the Ottawa NL Archives & published in W. Pache's Festschrift, Jan. 2000)
  • the Bonanza Farm "in the Dakotas" described in A Search for America (1925) (found in March 1996 at the NDSU archives, Fargo, & video-recorded as LCMND Presidential Dinner Address in Oct. 1996)
  • Else & Greve's Sparta, Kentucky, location in 1910/11 (known ONLY from her poem "Schalk" in the University of Maryland, College Park, FrL Collection; found there in April 1991, & published in FPG's Dec. 1993 Poetry Ed. [facsim 49b, and n159])
  • two NYT articles about FPG & FrL (found in 2004 via ProQuest: Pittsburgh arrest for cross-dressing & smoking in public, Sep. 1910, and about FrL's 1915 modelling jobs in NY
  • two FrL images showing her in exotic garb & pose (found in 2006 at the Library of Congress' Bain Collection): one showing FrL alone, the other showing FrL leaning on Jamaican poet Claude McKay

FPG Book Collections: Greve's Translations & Grove's Library

The UMA hold all of Grove's and Greve's known publications. Canadian & some foreign theses are also extant in various formats.

The Grove Library & the Greve Translations Collections are available online:

  • The Grove Library Collection of some 500 titles contains many of the incredible number of books Grove translated into German when he was Greve. Most notable are perhaps certain Meredith titles, & a complete set of Temple Scott's Swift edition.
  • The FPG Translations Collection reflects a complete record of Greve's titanic efforts, 1898–1909, starting out with Dante sonnets, Oscar Wilde texts & criticism, Browning, Dowson, Pater, Meredith, Swinburne (both of whom died in 1909 when Greve chose voluntary exile), H. G. Wells, Balzac, Flaubert, & Gide, as well as all 12 v. from Burton's Arabian Nights.

"In Memoriam FPG": 1998 Anniversary Symposium The international anniversary symposium "In Memoriam FPG: 1879-1948-1998" was recorded on 12 videos. In 2007, they were digitized & became the Symposium's e-Proceedings.

FPG & FrL Endowment (1995ff) An FPG & FrL Endowment Fund devoted to FPG (Greve/Grove) & Else von Freytag-Loringhoven projects was established in 1995/96. Promotional brochures, various e-text publications, and the FPG & FrL Website above were partly or entirely funded by this endowment.

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