Selected Short Stories

the raven and the first men

Read the passage from "The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida.”

Raven crept into the chief’s dwelling. He appeared as a baby, with raven hair and black eyes. The chief’s daughter adopted the child, never knowing that he was in fact Raven the trickster.

The daughter loved the child, but soon the baby began to cry. The Sky Chief did whatever he could to comfort his new grandson, but the baby was inconsolable. Finally, to appease the child, he gave him a small box to play with. Raven, as the baby, tumbled and tossed the box until it fell open. Whoosh! The stars flew up through the smoke hole in the ceiling, settling in the night sky.

The chief was very upset, but was able to recover, as they were only stars and not very luminous.

Based on the passage, the reader can infer that some Haida families lived in homes that

were large.
were small.
had windows.
had fireplaces.
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had fireplaces.